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Wrap it up in 7 ways


Posted on February 05 2017

There is one thing we all love to shop for especially when winters set in - scarves play a major role during this time of the year to make any outfit look prep! Usually all we do with our scarves is drape it around the neck but there are so many options to make a scarf look like a part of an outfit. Here are some style tips on how to wear and tie scarves in different ways. 1. Try and put your scarf around for a unique look. You can add this style to a floral attire or also with a trench coat. 2. The infinity scarf is really a one of the best since the scarf doesn’t keep moving and stays at one place. Club the scarf with a leather jacket over it to bring on some winter vibes. 3. Wear a scarf with a waist belt. It can be printed or plain. This works well when the outfit is too plain or dull. 4. Bow is here! Well here is how to get it right. When nothing comes in mind, you can also make a bow with it. Try it out over your winter dress to be party ready. 5. If you love necklaces, here is what the scarf would do. The twist method tells you how to enhance your look with this beaut piece effortlessly. Keep twisting! 6. If you scarf is small, you can also make a boho headband out of it. This one method has always remained in style and works well in all the weathers. 7. Carrying an all-day look? Not to worry, the waist style knows it all. Merge it with your winter outfit for a perfect look. We are sure you have already grabbed your scarf and have been trying these techniques. Let us know which style you loved the most. Keep shopping! Image source:

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