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Posted on March 08 2019

As women, we have super powers. We are sisters. We are healers. We are mothers. We are partners. We are daughters. We are friends. We are goddesses. We are warriors we got in conversation with few of our favorite bloggers. They all are smart, strong and modern hustlers. Changing the game about how the modern woman shops, dresses and eats.
Here is what they think about being a woman in 2019 and how do they see the present and future for them.

1. Divya

Blog -

Wearing - Black One-Shoulder Stripe Top  (Rs.699) 

“I think we as woman are the actual superheroes. We hustle so much together and the beauty of it? We don't even realize it, just comes so easy and natural to us. I think it's a great time to be alive and use your voice. The change for equality is in the air and we need all women to come together and support each other to be recognized as this unstoppable force. I really do believe God is a woman.”

2. Andrada

Blog -


Wearing - Grey Striped Full Sleeves Off-Shoulder Ruffle Top (Rs.349) 

“For me, being a woman represents being powerful. We have so many ways of inspiring others through our personal style and attitude and women should take advantage of that. I’m using my tools to empower other women to be bold and wear what makes them feel great - that’s why I launched my blog To show women they can achieve whatever they plan. Happy International Women’s Day!

3. Megha Gupta

Instagram -

Wearing - Full Sleeve Pleated Ruffle Shirt (Rs.549)  Kayo White Polka Print Buttoned Skirt (Rs.1049)

“Women should stop competing with men, we are built differently, feel differently, respond differently. This difference should be celebrated and so should our strength. The power to come up after any hardship, that power should be celebrated. 

To all the women I know, and don't, I'd like to say, be the woman no hardship can beat. Happy Women’s day!”

4. Aashi Adani
Instagram -

Wearing - Kayo White Polka Print Buttoned Skirt  (Rs.1049)  Bitch Club Crop T-Shirt (Rs.549)

“Being a woman is amazing. In spite of all the hurdles, we never give up and choose who we want to be. I think it is beautiful how we can be homemakers or businesswomen or both, everything with a smile!

5. Nupur Munot

Blog -

Wearing - Kayo White Polka Print Buttoned Skirt - (Rs.1049) 

“I have been brought up by a really powerful woman; my childhood has been entirely influenced by my mother, grandmother and my sister. A house full of women living and hustling to help each other reach the top, that is the kind of selfless strength a woman has.

Women today are breaking stereotypes and are not allowing the societal definition of "woman" to define their place just like the women in my life.

6. Sakshi Gupta

Blog -

Wearing - Pink One Shoulder Tie-Up At Front Top  (Rs.749)

“Being women we have enormous unlocked power and strength. Throughout my journey I have step by step uncover that to find that inner confidence and radiance.”

7. Merjem Bajrami Duriqi

Instagram -

Wearing - Cael Peach Full Sleeves Corset Detail Top

“Having the ability to love fully and to care for and nurture for things around me, in a way that only women can. Being a woman is a gift I’ll never give up, and I’ll always fight to keep us safe.”

8. Razha Singh

Blog -

WearingMathilde Three Quarter Sleeve Printed Floral Hem Top  (Rs.449)

“I’m grateful for the fact that I’m a woman because being a woman gives me the opportunity to experience both feminine and masculine aspects of a being. I can be soft, loving and caring and at the same time I can be the badass warrior protecting my throne. 

Women are constantly pushing the boundaries proving nothing is impossible to achieve and getting closer to breakthrough where every woman is awaiting for a time where not a single one of us is made feel less by a man. This is the future I foresee.”

9. Farrah Kader

Instagram -

Wearing- BESIVA T-Shirt (Rs.599)

“Women's Day to me symbolises a refusal to go quietly, and a refusal to let others go quietly either. It is an important day to remind myself and all the unapologetic, courageous women that being a woman is - that of being absolutely unparalleled sass and knowing your power! My words might feel like a small surgical blade, but I hope its depth pierce your mind and leave a mark; “Womanhood be like Head, Heart & Hole on fire!”

10. Prachi Wagh

Blog -


Wearing - Neve Creme Polka Dot Cold Shoulder And Frill Detail Dress  (Rs.1029)

“For me it is an adventurous journey like every other girl!

Life always inspires me and motivates to jump the hurdles and reach my goals.

According to me being a woman itself is a super power. If you see at some point women are stronger than men, but it’s a matter of time and incident when we actually understand that.

I wish all my beautiful ladies a very Happy Women’s day. Together we can run the world.”


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