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The best dresses to wear this fall

Shop Manager

Posted on October 03 2018

As the colder weather is approaching, try a dress with longer sleeves to help keep yourself warm, but also dressed for occasions this fall.

Long sleeve fall dress

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Had enough of the preppy, cute summer swing dresses? Try a basic straight-style dress to keep things professional for work events and meetings.

Straight dresses

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Now the summer season is over, the happy, colorful prints are in the past. Try a solid color, fall shade dress this autumn. For the best fall-inspired colors try reds, blues and blacks.

Solid dresses


When it comes to dresses this fall, the theme seems to be something plain, in color and shape. So, to experiment but also stay on trend, try a basic dress in color, but with some detailing for a personal touch.

Detail dresses

The summer heat made the shorter, mini and skater dresses a natural trend. To try and stay a little warmer this fall, try a slightly longer dress to fit the changing seasons.

Maxi dresses

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