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How to wear: Gingham

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Posted on September 25 2018

Over the course of the summer, Gingham remained a wardrobe staple, you couldn’t go on Instagram without seeing the print all over your timeline. And as we now make our way into the fall, the trend remains on top as the go-to print bloggers love. Gingham is nothing new, the print has been revolutionised many times to give variations to suit all, with the autumn fast approaching, here is how you can keep up with the trends and style your gingham this fall.

1. Color-scheme

Try to stick to a consistent colour-scheme when styling your gingham print, as the print itself is already a statement piece of any outfit. Try wearing basic, solid colors that fit your overall look with your gingham statement for a put-together look.

Gingham colour scheme

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2. Try a co-ord or one piece

The easiest way to wear gingham is definitely to wear a gingham print all-in-one, dress or two-piece. If you’re feeling adventurous, try styling two different colored gingham pieces, but this may be a risky move for the inexperienced. To keep it safe try a straight print gingham dress, with some basic, solid colour accessories for an easy, perfect outfit.

Gingham dress

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 3. Back to classics

Not into the Instagram co-ords? Try a basic gingham top, skirt or shorts to dip into the Gingham trend, keeping it classy for events and meetings, but also being prepared for post-work drinks. Try subtle gingham pieces in classic colors like red and blue, to stay up with the trends but also add a classic, elegant personal touch to your outfit.

Gingham classic

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