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How to take the 'Perfect Selfie'


Posted on October 10 2016

Have you spent hours trying to get the perfect selfie? You are not alone, most of us have tried and often failed to get the perfect selfie that we would like to share with our friends and followers on social media. Here we share a quick guide that will make you love taking selfies and give you the confidence to share it. Trust us, you wouldn't even need photo filter apps if you just follow these simple 4 rules: 1. Lighting Whenever possible take your selfie in natural light - you will look flawless! Avoid fluorescent lights, they are the enemy of selfies! selfielighting 2. Forget the face, focus on your feet! Whether you are at the beach or at an evening event, you can always flaunt your feet! Yes, images of well pedicured nails in flip flops or heels always look great. So ditch the face and focus on your pretty feet! feet-selfie

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3. Posture If you closely look at celebrity selfies, you will notice the best selfies are taken when a) your hand is on the waist and your legs just slightly tilted (in case of full body selfie) or b) with the phone far away from the face at the right or left corner (in case of face selfie). This simple effortless trick really works! 4. Have some fun! Selfies are all about having some fun! So don't look serious and just have some fun with your photos! selfiefun Shop now: *


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