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Five chick flicks which taught us about fashion and feminism as we know it.

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Posted on March 14 2018


I would literally not move from in front of the TV whenever Legally Blond would be on! I mean pink and glitter in a courtroom? Yes please! She made we wanna become a lawyer not that I did but you know she gave me ambition. This movie goes out for anyone who has been condescended, experienced sexism, mansplained or literally been underestimated.

Elle Woods played by Reese Witherspoon in the movie has it all. President of her sorority, the prettiest girl in the campus, dating the cutest guy and a natural blonde. But when the same guy doubts her intellect to pop the question she makes it her mission to prover her worth to him and more to herself by following him and getting into Harvard with sass, a great group of girlfriends and yes, a lot glitter and pink. She is fighting for indignities suffered by all blondes throughout the world. She gave pink a powerhouse comeback. Giving it Fashionista Feminism.


I just saw clueless last week? Thank you, Netflix, you think I would not bring Clueless in Feminism and Fashion? As If! Now that I have gotten this out of my system let’s talk about how classic the fashion in this movie is. Cher played by Alicia Silverstone gave us all goals stripes, plaid and scrunchies! Yes, you heard that right.

This comedy about a shopaholic Beverly Hills teenager with a few Jane Austen DNA molecules in her genetic code taught us to hustle and to not rest until everyone takes you seriously. Cher was a great friend, fighting with grades, fighting for boys’ attention (only the right ones) but at the same time not losing the sight of herself. It portrayed teenage girls as actual people with thoughts and feelings."

Clueless touched a chord in the culture that was clearly primed and ready to be struck. Pre-teen and teen girls were racing to malls in search of plaid skirts and knee-high socks. Fashion designers and labels continue to riff on the costumes created for the film by Mona May.

Cher in that Yellow blazer set! Totally ‘Bugging’!


I don’t know anyone who hasn’t seen and loved Princess Diaries. Loved Mia Loved Anne Hathway. I mean set up in the beautiful country of Geneva with beautiful Oscar De Renta ‘s gowns and sharp pant suits it was fairy-tale meet the modern world for a smart fashion lover.

Mia told the world she didn’t need to marry to be queen, giving a straight example of her grandmother had done it alone for most of her reign, and Mia totally called out the antiquated law and had it reversed. She totally dissed the cute guy from the ball who she was totally crushing when she finds out his principles run for a toss. 


This movie was all things bad ass. I mean here is a Smart, bushy haired girl who is more interested in kicking ass by doing a good job instead of catching up with conventional beauty standards. This movie showed the fire dynamic of females and our competiveness with great humour. She was kind to her pageant mates, a baller agent, competitive, but also really smart and beautiful.

Her transformation looks were just AH- Mazing! From body con to frilly gown Sandra Bullock nailed each look down one by one. She looked equally stellar in her pant suits as a FBI agent!

I mean owning up to falling like 100 times, snort laugh and still look like a million bucks? Only Miss Congeniality! 


We all have had a crazy rumour being spread about us in school. Haven’ t we? And didn’t we all got so tired of it that after some time we started owning up for it. Cause WHAT THE HELL!

So, I really think Easy A did a great job about breaking that glass ceiling and giving teenage girls that to go out there and say you know what ‘F You! Rumors are stupid. Emma Store played effortlessly a cool kid who just didn’t give any single care to lies spoken about herself. She didn’t lose any sleep over it. You really actually seriously don’t have to at all prove anything to anyone!

You can take all that gossip add some some salt and pepper and eat it with your heart out. How would you like that huh haters?

I like how this movie was real with it’s school fashion at the same time being cool. With cute tank tops, breezy floral tops, smart shirt and sexy corsets with Emma’s transformation, Easy A gave some real everyday fashion inspiration.


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