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5 books to read while you are travelling


Posted on December 11 2016

If you are soon going on holiday and your recent plans include travelling, you will likely need a book to distract you from cramped planes and automobiles. After all we all want to make travel exciting and a book sure helps! Get on your hands on these 5 attention hogging books below that we highly recommend. 1. EAT PRAY LOVE If you have an urge to find your own self, this book is a must read! The protagonist embarks on a journey of self-discovery, travels across the world and ends up falling in love. 2. THE WOMAN I WANT TO BE If you are fashion fanatic, you would know this Diane Von Furstenburg book. She reflects on her independence, work and journey that led her to become one of the most influential women in the fashion industry. Definitely a must read! 3. THE SECRET DREAM WORLD OF A SHOPAHOLIC This book is the first one of the series. It’s a chick-lit book that is perfect for travel. Follow Rebecca’s journey who is a shopping addict and ends up in a huge debt. So relatable! 4. RICH AND PRETTY If you are traveling with your mates, this is the book you want to be reading. The author, Rumaan Alam explores the attachments between two best friends and how it all changes with adult lives setting in. You might cry but also love your BFF even more at the end! 5. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS The series follows the lives of four girls after their Queen Bee leader disappears. Panic attacks set in after everyone in school starts receiving random calls from a stranger. This gripping and unputdownable novel will make time pass faster while you travel. Wherever you are off to, these books are going to make your jouney even more thrilling. Bon Voyage!  


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